Simply Country Comfort Products Ingredient List

Simply Country Comfort Soap

Our hand crafted specialty soap is made from the skin nourishing oils of coconut, manteca olive oil, shea butter, coca butter and castor oil.

Also included are organic ground saigon cinnamon, activated charcoal and green sea clay.

Whipped Sugar Scrubs

Specialy created from glycerin pourified water, sorbitol, sodium lauryl isethionate, disodium lauryl sulfasuccinate salt, phenoxyethanol, jojoba oil, raw organic shea butter, essential skin safe fragrance oils and organic cane sugar for exfoliation. Perfect PH of 5.5

Simple Country Comfort" Hand and Body Lotion

A creamy blend of organic aloe leaf juice, organic coconut oil, organic olive fruit oil, organic almond oil, organic raw shea butter, glycerin, organic green teal leaf extract and pomegranate seed extract.

Bugs away" Insect Repellent.

Roll on a unique blend of peppermint, thyme, rosemary and lavendaressential oils blended with organic coconut oil to keep insects away.

Or spray on a combination of the herbs listed above infused with distilled water, witch hazel and sole water, (pink himilyan sea salt saturated with distilled water which assists in preventing bacterial growth).


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